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prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Tech/Engineering (979)
prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Art/Literary (1595)
prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Medical (271)
prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Law/Patents (339)
prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Science (1629)
prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Bus/Financial (1106)
prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Marketing (291)
prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Other (8691)
prevajalci Bulgarian - English - Social Sciences (23319)

Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev in tolmačev » Specific fields

Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: knjigovodstvo (404)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: oglaševanje / stiki z javnostjo (727)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: letalska vesoljska ind. / letalstvo / vesolje (117)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: poljedelstvo (220)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: plemenska reja / živinoreja (71)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: antropologija (109)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: arheologija (132)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: arhitektura (169)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: umetnost, rokodelstvo & obrt, slikanje (353)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: astronomija & vesolje (88)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: finance (splošno) (762)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: avtomatizacija&robotika (124)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: industrija avtomobilov / avtomobili & tovornjaki (342)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: biologija (- teh, - kem, mikro-) (193)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: botanika (79)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: gradnja / gradbeništvo (437)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: poslovanje/komerciala (splošno) (916)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: materiali (plastika,.keramika itd.) (135)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: potrdila, diplome, licence, življenjepisi (636)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: kemija: kem. znanost/inž. (196)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: pesništvo & literatura
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: film, televizija, drama (588)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: tekstil / oblačila / moda (291)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: telekomunikacije
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: računalniki (splošno) (577)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: računalniki: hardware
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: računalniki: programska oprema (438)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: računalniki: sistemi, mreže (289)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: pravo: pogodbe
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: kuhanje / kulinarika (345)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: kozmetika, lepotila (292)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: zobozdravstvo (104)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: mediji / multimediji (413)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: ekonomija (674)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: izobraževanje / pedagogika
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: elektronika / elektr. inž. (291)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: energija / proizvodnja el. energije (290)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: tehnologija (splošno) (391)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: tehnologija: industrija (222)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: mehanika / meh.inženiring (284)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: nuklearna teh/znanost (87)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: okolje & ekologija (400)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: ezoterika (83)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: ribogojnice
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: folklora (144)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: prehrana & mlekarstvo (375)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: gozdarstvo / les / hlodovina
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: pohištvo / hišna oprema (195)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: igre / video igre / igralništvo / kazino
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: rudarstvo & minerali / dragulji (52)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: genealogija (21)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: splošno / konverzacija / pozdravi / pisma (523)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: genetika (61)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zemljepis
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: geologija (61)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: vlada / politika (558)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: fotografija/preslikave (& grafične umetnosti) (123)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: zdravstvene službe
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zgodovina (343)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: turizem &potovanja (887)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: personalne zadeve
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: idiomi / pregovori / reki
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zavarovalništvo (208)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: mednarodne org/razv/koop (314)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: internet, e-poslovanje (363)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: investicije / vrednostni papirji
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: metalurgija / litine (88)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: IT - informatika
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: novinarstvo (346)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: nepremičnine (374)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: pravo (splošno) (659)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: pravo: patenti, poslovne znamke, avtorske pravice
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: pravo: davki & carina
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: jezikoslovje (431)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: transport / prevoz / špedicija (297)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: management (444)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: proizvodnja (189)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: ladje, jadranje, morje (93)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: trženje / tržne raziskave (515)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: matematika & statistika
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo (splošno)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: kardiologija (115)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: instrumenti (147)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: farmacevtika (285)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: meteorologija (14)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: metrologija
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: vojaške zadeve / obramba (143)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: glasba (218)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: imena (osebna, poslovna)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: prehrana (136)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: naftna ind/znanost (117)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: drugo (126)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: papir / proizvodnja papirja (49)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: patenti (94)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: filozofija (166)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: fizika (74)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: tisk & založništvo (151)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: psihologija
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: verstvo (163)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: maloprodaja
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: Varnost (38)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: SAP (47)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: znanost (splošno) (353)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: narečje (75)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: družbene vede, sociologija, etika itd
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: šport / fitnes / rekreacija (192)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: geodezija (117)
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: vino / enologija / vinogradništvo
Bulgarian - English - prevajalcev: zoologija

Bulgarian - English translators and interpreters

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KudoZ Points
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Identity Verified   Mark Bossanyi
  The original in all but the language
native English speaker, Bulgarian, French, quick, concise, clear, appropriate style, terminological accuracy, environment, environmental, renewable energy, forestry, wood, timber, shipping, navigation, human rights, ethnic relations, journalism, media, music, energy, petroleum exploration, geology, geological, Balkans, Bulgaria, support for visits, visitor support ... English
207 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Yavor Dimitrov
  A creative flair for words
Bulgarian translator, English-Bulgarian translator, English to Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian-English translator, Bulgarian to English translator, Bulgarian freelance translator, Bulgarian proofreader, English-Bulgarian translations and editing services, English to Bulgarian translations and editing services, English-Bulgarian literary translator, English to Bulgarian literary translator, translator, proofreader, editor, subtitler, Advertising/Public Relations, Cinema/Film/TV/Drama, Environment & Ecology, European Union, EU, European Parliament, EP, EU Affairs, Government/Politics, Poetry & Literature, Tourism and Travel, Business/Commerce, Certificates/Diplomas/Licenses/CV’s, Clinical Interviews (Psychiatry), Computers (General), Education/Pedagogy, Finance (General), History, Law (General), Linguistics, management, Media/Multimedia, Medical (General), Software Training Videos/Video Tutorials, Archeology, Architecture, Art/literary, Articles, Arts & Crafts, Audio, Audio dubbing/subti ... Bulgarian
457 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Violeta Dimova-Nikols
  NAATI-Accredited English<>Bulgarian
general, art, literature, science, tourism, travel, agriculture, accounting, finance, mining, engineering, quick, reliable ... English/Bulgarian
0 points
Bulgarian - English
  Savina N Savova
  lawyer linguist
law, legal translations, translations, Bulgarian translator, translator, legal, Bulgarian, lawyer, service, consultant, Bulgarian property, Bulgaria, Bulgarian property, Bulgarian real estate, Bulgarian lawyer, Bulgarian interpreter, translation in Bulgarian, BG>EN, EN>BG, Bulgarian to English, English to Bulgarian, Bulgarian to English translator, English to Bulgarian translator ... Bulgarian
0 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Andrei Vrabtchev
  Reliable Translations. Competitive Rates
Bulgarian translator, translation, Bulgarian, English, translator, editor, proofreader, finance, accounting, economics, business, translation, lingustic, quality, assurace, control, pseudo-localization, CAT, TM, memory, technology, file, TagEditor, XML, TTX, TMX, LocStudio, Trados, Transit, Idiom, project management, Bulgarian, English, general, html, word, text, pc, cyrillic, UA, UI, help, pdf, web, site, manual, wireless, IT, software, hardware, mobile, marketing, management, history, archaeology, phone, communicator, networking, преводи, локализация, локализационни, проекти, софтуер, хардуер, ръководство, традос, English-Bulgarian, Bulgarian-English, English to Bulgarian, Bulgarian to English, English Bulgarian, Bulgarian English, Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian native speaker, Bulgarian native speaker translator, Bulgarian native speaker proofreader, Bulgarian native speaker editor, translator, freelancer, freelance, proofreader, editor, English to Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian t ... Bulgarian/English
727 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Pavel Tsvetkov
  Good Gets Better
CPE, C2, Grade A, Certificate of Proficiency in Englsh, ATA, professional translation for Bulgarian, professional translation for English, Bulgarian translator, English-Bulgarian translator, English to Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian-English translator, Bulgarian to English translator, Bulgarian freelance translator, Bulgarian proofreader, English-Bulgarian translations and editing services, English to Bulgarian translations and editing services, English-Bulgarian literary translator, English to Bulgarian literary translator, translator, proofreader, editor, subtitler, Bulgarian native speaker, Bulgarian proofreader, translator, freelancer, freelance, proofreader, localization, Google certified translator, adwords translator, adsense translator, editor, English to Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian to English translator, Russian to Bulgarian Translator, translation, translations, translation project, projects, Bulgarian, English, Russian, certified translator, sworn translator, преводач а ... Bulgarian/English
698 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Trufev
  Technical and Medical Translation
Technical translations, Mechanical, Electronics, Automotive, Engineering, Patents, Business, Medicine, Biology, Environment protection, EU Directives, Chemistry, Technology, Agriculture, Economics, Bulgarian, English, engineering, translations project, proofreading, tools, SDL TRADOS, CAT, cars and trucks, computers, manuals, construction, contracts, agreements, leaflet, DTP, patents, experienced technical translator, technical, технический переводчик, английский, русский, техника, технически преводи, България, български, английски, италиански, немски, френски, Industry, Building, Construction, Equipment, Tools, Telecommunications, Tourism, Marine, Legal, Law, Civil, Commercial, Contracts, IT, Energy, Ecology, Information, Technical manuals, Computer, Data, Electrical machines, Power generation, Heating, Hydraulics, Machines, technische Übersetzungen Übersetzer Deutsch Bulgarisch ... Bulgarian
694 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Peter Skipp
  Your bilingual wordsmith
Bulgarian-English transcription, Bulgarian-English transliteration, English-Bulgarian transliteration, English-Bulgarian transcription, English-Cyrillic transliteration, English-Cyrillic transcription, Latin transcription, Latin transliteration, Roman transliteration, Roman transcription, Cyrillic transliteration, Cyrillic transcription, Cyrillic-English transliteration, Cyrillic-English transcription, Cyrillic-Roman transliteration, Cyrillic-Roman transcription, Roman-Cyrillic transliteration, Roman-Cyrillic transcription, Latin-Cyrillic transcription, Latin-Cyrillic transliteration, Roman-Cyrillic transcription, Roman-Cyrillic transliteration, Cyrillic-Latin transliteration, Cyrillic-Latin transcription, Russian lettering, Russian script, Russian letters, Russian alphabet, Bulgarian script, Bulgarian alphabet, Bulgarian letters, Bulgarian lettering, Slavonic script, Slavonic alphabet, Slavonic letters, Slavonic lettering, Slav script, Slav alphabet, Slav letters, Slav lettering, Cyrillic script, Cyrillic alphabet, Cyrillic l ... Bulgarian/English
280 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   David Mossop PhD
  Confidential and quality services
Bulgarian, Russian, Translator, Interpreter, Government, Law Enforcement, Linguistics, Sport, Literature, Theatre, Poetry, Agriculture, Economics, Finance, Law, Legal, ... English
24 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Yavor Popov
  The message stays unchanged!
Bulgarian, English, russian, various, general, services, ... Bulgarian
136 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Atanas Dakov
  Translation competence matters!
Trados 2007 Professional, SDL Trados Studio, TagEditor, Page Maker, Corel Draw, AutoCad, Photoshop, Abbyy Fine Reader, English-Bulgarian, English-Bulgarian, English to Bulgarian, English Bulgarian, Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian native speaker translator, Bulgarian native speaker proofreader, translator, freelancer, freelance, proofreader, editor, English to Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian to English translator, Russian to Bulgarian Translator, translation, translations, translation project, projects, Bulgarian, English, Russian, certified translator, sworn translator, преводач английски, English Bulgarian, Bulgarian English, EN-BG, BG-EN, translation, interpretation, consultation, translator, interpretor, преводач, Bulgarian, urgent, quality, sworn, urgent translation, quality translation, sworn translation, urgent Bulgarian translation, български, English, английски, Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian native speaker translator, Bulgarian native speaker proofreader, translator, freelanc ... Bulgarian
281 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   David Connor
  migration-related personal documents
immigration, migration, technical ... English
36 points
Bulgarian - English
  Liliya Aleksandrova
German, Bulgarian, French, Law, Literature, Fiction ... Bulgarian/English
0 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Aleksandra Goranova
, knjigovodstvo, transport / prevoz / špedicija, internet, e-poslovanje, splošno / konverzacija / pozdravi / pisma, okolje & ekologija, tehnologija (splošno), ekonomija, gradnja / gradbeništvo, poslovanje/komerciala (splošno), patenti ... Bulgarian/English
0 points
Bulgarian - English
  EN 17100 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified Co.
Language Translation, Translator, Translation, voice over, Transcription, Foreign Language, Indian Language, European Language, Asian Language, Sworn Translator, Document Translation, Certified Translation, Certified Translator, Native Translator, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English Translation, Finnish, French, German, Greek Translation, Hebrew, Hungarian, Bahasa, Indonesian Translation, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish Translation, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish Translation, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese Translation, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi Translation, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya Translation, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu Translation, Various Indian regional Languages, Asian languages, European Languages, African Languages, Middle East Languages, Eastern Languages Translators from India, Translators for Indian Languages, Hindi Translators, Kashmiri Translaotrs, Assamese translators, Oriya Translators, Punjabi Translators, Indonesian translators, Tagalog ... English
0 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Ana Kovacheva
  Specialized in finance, law, IT
translation interpreting accounting taxation finance software telecom EU legislation media press literary ... Bulgarian/English
0 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Nick Nasev
  Native English speaker!
EU, Legal, Finance, Business, Marketing, Media, Government, Music, Documents, Diplomas, Certificates, Native English, Clinical Trials, Back translation, clinical studies, localisation, localization, European Commission, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Serbo-Croat, Native, Pharmaceuticals, EMA, medical, doctor's reports, specialist reports, ... English
Združeno kraljestvo
0 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Emilia Delibasheva
  Skilled, creative, New York experience
English-Bulgarian, Bulgarian-English, English to Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian to English translator, Translation English-Bulgarian, Translation Bulgarian-English, English to Bulgarian translation, Bulgarian to English translation, English to Bulgarian literary translator, Bulgarian to English literary translator, experienced linguist, Bulgarian native speaker, university graduate in English language and literature, translator, freelancer, full-time freelancer, proofreader, editor, English Bulgarian, Bulgarian English, EN-BG, BG-EN, excellent quality, references, humanities, cinema, films, movies, subtitling, TV, television, subtitles, radio, screenplays, scripts, literature, fiction, narration, books, short stories, brochures, drama, theatre, theater, plays, economics, medicine, clinical trials, EU, patents, business, company policies, ecology, environment, law, legal, contracts, linguistics, sports, philosophy, religion, Buddhism, history, art, proofreading in English and Bulgarian ... Bulgarian
186 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Emilia Balke
  Prompt, accurate, dependable
Bulgarian translator, Bulgarian conference interpreter, Bulgarian court interpreter, voice over, subtitles, nuclear physics, medical, pharmaceutical, legal, business, marketing, agriculture, automotive, software, hardware, management, legal and immigration document translations, general business and accounting, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, taxation, financial statements, cash flow statements, bank statements, loan applications, business contracts, contract law, articles of incorporation, business registration, insurance and insurance claims, marketing, PR, advertising, food and nutrition, diplomas, professional training certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate, certified translation, court documents, notary deeds, criminal records, police records, court records, power of attorney, unlimited power of attorney, limited power of attorney, marriage certificates, Green Card documents, affidavits, sworn affidavits, consumer protection law, criminal law, court procee ... Bulgarian/English
Združene države
82 points
Bulgarian - English
  GSI Translation
  Success built on customer satisfaction
GSI, GSI Translations, translators, translation, localisation, localization, translate, language, multilingual, adaptation, transcription, proofreading, editing, adaptation, interpreting, DTP, desktop publishing, typesetting, multimedia, website localisation, website localization, CMS content management, system, language, consultancy, pharmaceuticals, legal, medical, bio-sciences, biotechnology, law, Legal, Para legal, advertisement, banking, insurance, marketing, accounting, accountancy, fast service competitive rates, negotiable, lawyer ... English
Združeno kraljestvo
0 points
Bulgarian - English
  Milena Atanasova
  Multilingual solutions
Bulgarian, English, Italian, Russian translator, Bulgarian translator, English-Bulgarian translator, italian-Bulgarian translator, proofreading, editing, Proficiency, accuracy, reliability Bulgarian translation, legal texts, academic transcripts, manuals, IT, trial, research, articles, journalism, literature, medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, literature, journalism, environment, EU, European Union, legal, law, trial, medicine, IVD, consumer electronics, energy, power, alternative energy sources, nuclear energy, power plant, contracts, marketing, research, agriculture, literature, power engineering, software localization, contracts, technology, clinical trials, education, marketing, advertising, human resource management, HRM, ERP, telecommunications, engineering, immunology, waste water management, transcreation, copyrighting, life sciences, wellness, healthcare translations, advertising, marketing translations, survey translations, creative writing, literary translations, SEO, se ... Bulgarian
167 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   pmakinen
  Not afraid of science and technology
Physics, mathematics, engineering, software, telecommunications, nuclear, newspaper, scientific, technical, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, disarmament, aerospace, space, astronomy, pc, unix ... English
Združene države
0 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   TechLawDC
  Subject expert wins cases for you.
engineering, law, biology, pharmacology, toxicology, medicine, accounting, finance, securities, telecommunications, solid state devices, military ... English
Združene države
36 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Denis Shepelev
  Deliver Optimum Solutions & High Quality
highly qualified, высококвалифицированный, висококвалифициран, precise, прецизен, deadline-oriented, English, английский, болгарский, английски, български, Bulgarian, Russian, русский, руски, translation, перевод, превод, experienced, опитен, опытный, native, переводчик, преводач, translator, PhD, магистър, master degree, прикладная лингвистика, приложна лингвистика, Applied Linguistics, experience, опыт, опит, computer, компьютерные технологии, компютърни технологии, technologies, finance, финансы, финанси, banking, forex, форекс, trading, торговля, literature, литература, музыка, музика, music, movie, фильмы, филми, субтитри, филм, фильм, subtitles, documentary, документальный, film, medicine, медицина, медицинский, медицински, medical, pharmaceutical, фармацевтический, website, сайт, site, EU directive, директивы, device, устройство, инструмент, instrument, software, локализация, localization, editor, редактор, редактирование, proofreader, accounting, бухгалтерия, счетоводство, econ ... Bulgarian/Russian
198 points
Bulgarian - English
Identity Verified   Elena Aleksandrova
Bulgarian, English, medical, translator, interpreter, humanities, arts, technical, science, reliable, precise, detail, prompt ... Bulgarian/English
36 points
Bulgarian - English
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