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prevajalci Hindi - English - Art/Literary (1)
prevajalci Hindi - English - Medical (4)
prevajalci Hindi - English - Law/Patents (13408)
prevajalci Hindi - English - Science (4933)
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Hindi - English - prevajalcev: knjigovodstvo
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: oglaševanje / stiki z javnostjo
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: letalska vesoljska ind. / letalstvo / vesolje (67)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: poljedelstvo
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: plemenska reja / živinoreja
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: antropologija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: arheologija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: arhitektura (96)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: umetnost, rokodelstvo & obrt, slikanje
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: astronomija & vesolje
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: finance (splošno) (557)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: avtomatizacija&robotika (90)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: industrija avtomobilov / avtomobili & tovornjaki
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: biologija (- teh, - kem, mikro-)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: botanika
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: gradnja / gradbeništvo (207)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: poslovanje/komerciala (splošno)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: materiali (plastika,.keramika itd.) (85)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: potrdila, diplome, licence, življenjepisi (364)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: kemija: kem. znanost/inž.
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: pesništvo & literatura
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: film, televizija, drama (432)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: tekstil / oblačila / moda (153)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: telekomunikacije (270)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: računalniki (splošno)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: računalniki: hardware
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: računalniki: programska oprema
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: računalniki: sistemi, mreže
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: pravo: pogodbe (213)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: kuhanje / kulinarika
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: kozmetika, lepotila
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: zobozdravstvo
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: mediji / multimediji
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: ekonomija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: izobraževanje / pedagogika
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: elektronika / elektr. inž.
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: energija / proizvodnja el. energije
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: tehnologija (splošno)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: tehnologija: industrija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: mehanika / meh.inženiring
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: nuklearna teh/znanost
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: okolje & ekologija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: ezoterika
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: ribogojnice
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: folklora
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: prehrana & mlekarstvo (190)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: gozdarstvo / les / hlodovina (48)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: pohištvo / hišna oprema
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: igre / video igre / igralništvo / kazino (138)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: rudarstvo & minerali / dragulji
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: genealogija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: splošno / konverzacija / pozdravi / pisma (478)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: genetika (55)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zemljepis
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: geologija (33)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: vlada / politika
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: fotografija/preslikave (& grafične umetnosti)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: zdravstvene službe (237)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zgodovina (251)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: turizem &potovanja
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: personalne zadeve
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: idiomi / pregovori / reki
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zavarovalništvo (225)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: mednarodne org/razv/koop (90)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: internet, e-poslovanje
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: investicije / vrednostni papirji
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: metalurgija / litine (45)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: IT - informatika (249)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: novinarstvo (365)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: nepremičnine (159)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: pravo (splošno)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: pravo: patenti, poslovne znamke, avtorske pravice
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: pravo: davki & carina (147)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: jezikoslovje (189)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: transport / prevoz / špedicija (137)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: management (248)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: proizvodnja
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: ladje, jadranje, morje
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: trženje / tržne raziskave
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: matematika & statistika (116)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo (splošno)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: kardiologija (93)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: instrumenti
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zdravstvo: farmacevtika (252)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: meteorologija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: metrologija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: vojaške zadeve / obramba
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: glasba
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: imena (osebna, poslovna)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: prehrana
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: naftna ind/znanost
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: drugo (130)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: papir / proizvodnja papirja
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: patenti
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: filozofija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: fizika
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: tisk & založništvo
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: psihologija (161)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: verstvo
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: maloprodaja (86)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: Varnost
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: SAP
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: znanost (splošno)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: narečje (46)
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: družbene vede, sociologija, etika itd
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: šport / fitnes / rekreacija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: geodezija
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: vino / enologija / vinogradništvo
Hindi - English - prevajalcev: zoologija

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Identity Verified   Ritu Bhanot
  Correct, On-Time, Always, Without Fail!!
French, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Translation, Traduction, Interpretariat, CELTA, Masters in French, Anuvaad, Anuvaadak, translation service in india, interpretation service in india, film translation india, telecommunication india, film scripts, योग‌ india, movie dialogues, movie translation, film translation, documentry, native Hindi translator, Hindi translation india, Hindi unicode, punjabi translation india, panjabi translation india, Disability, Medical translation, Legal translation, Reiki, Art of Living, Yoga, Pranayam, Unicode, Punjabi Unicode, Hindi Unicode, Gurmukhi, MA, CELTA, Dairy, Casein, Fromage, Laiterie, Cheese, steel, oxycutting, oxycoupage, lasercutting, coupage à laser, Poker translation, Interpretariat français-Hindi en France, French-Hindi Interpretation, Interpretariat Anglais-Hindi en France, English-Hindi Interpretation ... English/Hindi
8 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   chopra_2002
  Your project is in safe hands
business finance advertisement hardware software information technology localization art sub-titles script patent specification Patient Information Leaflets/Advertising Economic affairs Websites Localisation Multimedia Media Airlines Flight Manuals project reports medical research questionnaire certificate legal law marketing linguistic check brand evaluation logo check editing proofreading Hindi translation English translation social sciences health cuisine inflight menu clippings literature literary story poem langclinic lingualbridge clinical trials medical Hindi to English translation English to Hindi translation English translation Hindi translation trados website translation into Hindi Hindi professional translator हिंदी अनुवाद अंग्रेजी-हिंदी अनुवाद r(New Delhi/India), Hindi belt प्रूफरीडिंग हिंदी अनुवादक English-Hindi Translation, Hindi-English Translation Quality Check Back Translation Legal Clinical Trials Medical Healthcare Annual Reports Patents Engineering, Technical Tr ... Hindi
209 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Lalit Sati
  M.Sc. | Full-time Freelance Translator
medical, health, healthcare, advertising, games, mobile phone, business, finance, websites, films, agriculture, animal husbandry, insurance, culinary, computer, legal, multimedia, software manuals, user manuals, online manuals, localisation, IT, letters, documents, books, brochures, pamphlets, posters, reports, banking, business reports, website translation, automobile, products, tv, television, documentary, script, science, English-Hindi translation, Hindi translator, editing, proofreading, reviewing, journalism, newsletters, translation, children's books, native Hindi speaker, subtitles, native Hindi translator, Hindi translation, Hindi translator, editing, publications, questionnaire, unicode font, mangal, हिन्दी, अनुवाद, हिन्दी अनुवादक, हिंदी, अनुवादक, ललित सती, वेबसाइट, मोबाइल, फोन, अनुवादक, अंग्रेजी-हिंदी अनुवादक, linguist, translator, English to Hindi translator, editor, proof-reader, literature, art ... Hindi
94 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Balasubramaniam L.
  Fast, accurate, elegant translation
MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet, Software Localization, Software Localisation, Website Localization, Website Localisation, POEdit, Across, Trados, SDLX, Wordfast, Scripts, Films, Legal, Medical, Health, Healthcare, Advertising, Business, Finance, Websites, Multimedia, Software manuals, User manuals, Online, MemoQ, Passolo, Qt Linguist, Menus, manuals, Localisation, IT, Letters, Documents, Books, Brochures, Pamphlets, Posters, Reports, Publicity material, HTML, PHP, ASP, SQL, Macromedia Flash, Literature, art, children's books, UNICODE, Hindi, Native Hindi speaker, Gujarati, Malayalam, culture, engineering, technical, English, English-Hindi, Hindi-English, India, Mumbai, XTM ... Hindi
83 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   cmrawal
  Hindi Translator you can bank upon
English-Hindi translation, Hindi translator, banking, annual reports, business reports, brand name evaluation, website translation, automobile, products, marriage certificate, birth certificate, editing, proofreading, reviewing, journalism, newsletters, translation, speeches, airlines, inflight announcements, flight menus, subtitles, native Hindi translator, Hindi translation, IT, Hindi translator, editing, literature, publications, catalogs, information technology, English-Hindi translator, health care, mobile phone, questionnaire, website, computer, unicode font, mangal, lexicon, transcription, हिन्दी, अनुवाद, हिन्दी अनुवादक, हिंदी अनुवादक, रावल, वेबसाइट, मोबाइल, फोन, अनुवादक, अंग्रेजी-हिंदी अनुवादक, linguist, translator, English-Hindi translator, editor, proof-reader, website, localization, Linguistic Validation, LQI, LQA, Quality Checks, Linguistic Checks, brand name cultural evaluation, AutoCAD translation, drawings translation, maps translation, CAT tools, Trados, SDL Trados Stud ... Hindi
76 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Ramesh Bhatt
  Everyoung Global Intellectual Enterprise
Literature; Art; Poetry; Philosophy; Religion; Religious Material; Journalism; Law; Engineering; History; Health Sciences; School Education; School Administration; Correspondence; Documents; Research Material; Clinical Trials; Medicine; Social Sciences; DTP Tibetan; DTP Hindi; DTP Urdu; DTP Nepali; DTP English; Native Tibetan, Native Ladakhi; Native Zanaskari; Native Bhutanese; Native Dzongkha; Native Urdu, Native Hindi, Native Nepali, Native Kashmiri, Native English Team; Medical Record; Educational Certificate; Divorce Certificate; Translations of all types of prose and poetry in English, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri; Tibetan; Ladakhi; Zanaskari; Bhutanese; Dzongkha--one to another language; Copyediting too. Subtitling English, Subtitling Nepali, Subtitling Hindi, Subtitling Urdu, Subtitling Kashmiri; Subtitling Tibetan; Subtitling Ladakhi; Subtitling Zanaskari; Subtitling Bhutanese; Subtitling Dzongkha; Literary help for writers, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Geneal ... Urdu/English
42 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   keshab
  fast with accuracy
Literature, Finance, Marketing, Advertisement, Social Science, Law, Education, Banking, Medical & other ... Hindi/Bengali
53 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Ashutosh Mitra
  Software, games, websites, medical....
आशुतोष अनुवाद, आशुतोष, wife-eye wolf-eye, मित्रा, मित्र, IC-46, IC-77, IC-14, Insurance, "Finitro Forte Plus", Hindi se Angrejee, translate to English mitran, angrejee se Hindi anuvaad, English to Hindi translator, anuvaad, Hindi to English Translation, ashu, anuvaad, Insurance, trans, translation, literature, sahitya, religion, Francis, certificates, localization, mitra inglese, mitra in Hindi, health phone, medical, marketing, finance, blog translation, hard disk history Hindi translation English ... Hindi/English
12 points
Hindi - English
  Akhila Phadnis
French, Hindi, technical, psychology, education, books, proofreading, editing ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Vidit Tyagi
  All said and done!
English, Hindi, copywriter, copywriting, copy writer, copy writing, translator, transcreation, ad adaptation, localization, google adwords, adwords, keywords research, keywords, sem, seo, subtitles, translation, transcreator, subtitle translation, subtitler, Hindi translator, English to Hindi translator, Hindi to English translator, Hindi subtitles, Hindi localization, English to Hindi localization, interpreter, interpretation, consecutive interpretation ... Hindi/English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   dkkasturia
  very professional
professional, reliable, cost and quality conscious ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Naresh Advani
  Promises kept & expectations surpassed !
IT / computer-related, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Railway Signaling, Software, marketing, medical, legal (contracts & patents) and business-oriented text. ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
  Meticulous is my middle name
Hindi, Urdu, French, politics, history, international relations, military, NGOs, human rights, International Humanitarian Law, human resources, marketing, ... English
Združeno kraljestvo
0 points
Hindi - English
  Alex Denver
  Quality is our Native Language
, industrija avtomobilov / avtomobili & tovornjaki, zdravstvo: farmacevtika, mehanika / meh.inženiring, pravo: pogodbe, tehnologija (splošno), kuhanje / kulinarika, gradnja / gradbeništvo, računalniki: programska oprema, poslovanje/komerciala (splošno), zdravstvo: instrumenti ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Siddharth Anand
  We help the World Communicate Better!
Quality, Reasonable, Translation, Technical Translation, Engineering Translation, Business Translation, Financial Translation, Legal Translation, Affordable Translation, Document Translation, Native, India Translation, Language, English Translation, German Translation, French Translation, Spanish Translation, Dutch Translation ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Roshni Sahgal
  High quality at reasonable rate
Translation, German, English, Marathi, Hindi, French, Chinese ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Swaiyam
Medical (Glioblastoma), Flavor industry, Bengali music, Craniosacral therapy, Reflexology, Clinical Studies, Pharmacology, Homeopathy, Alternative medicine, Press releases, Subtitling, Summary of Product Characteristics, Reiki, Trauma surgery, Dorn method ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
  ...for all your language needs!
Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic, Right to Left DTP, DTP, German, Malayalam, Kanada, Bengali, Indian Languages, Asian Languages, ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   ainichi
  Professional and Perfect
jezikoslovje, poslovanje/komerciala (splošno), turizem &potovanja, nepremičnine, trženje / tržne raziskave, novinarstvo, elektronika / elektr. inž., kuhanje / kulinarika, računalniki: sistemi, mreže, finance (splošno), pravo (splošno) ... English
Združeno kraljestvo
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Saiwai Translation Services
  Guaranteed to your complete satisfaction
Translation, Translation in India, Translation in Unites States, Translation in Japan, Translation company, Translation Service, Translation Services, Translation Agency, Translation Companies, Best Translation, High Quality Translation, List of Translation companies, Best Translation companies in the world, All European and Asian language Translation, Translation in India, Translation in US, Translation in Japan, Translation company in India, Translation company in Unites States, Japanese Translation, Spanish Translation, German Translation, French Translation, Chinese Translation, Hindi Translation, Korean Translation, Polish Translation, Dutch Translation, Translation, Editing, Testing, DTP, Engineering Advertising and marketing/commercial, Agriculture, Aircraft construction, Architecture, Astrophysics, Automotive engineering, Aviation industry, Banking and Finance, Biology, Biotechnology/biochemistry, Building regulations/constructions, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Civil engine ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Stephen Mason
   In a prime position.
, poslovanje/komerciala (splošno), zdravstvo (splošno), zdravstvo: zdravstvene službe, pesništvo & literatura, pravo (splošno), pravo: pogodbe, vlada / politika, splošno / konverzacija / pozdravi / pisma, ekonomija, potrdila, diplome, licence, življenjepisi ... English
Združeno kraljestvo
0 points
Hindi - English
  EN 17100 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified Co.
Language Translation, Translator, Translation, voice over, Transcription, Foreign Language, Indian Language, European Language, Asian Language, Sworn Translator, Document Translation, Certified Translation, Certified Translator, Native Translator, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English Translation, Finnish, French, German, Greek Translation, Hebrew, Hungarian, Bahasa, Indonesian Translation, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish Translation, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish Translation, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese Translation, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi Translation, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya Translation, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu Translation, Various Indian regional Languages, Asian languages, European Languages, African Languages, Middle East Languages, Eastern Languages Translators from India, Translators for Indian Languages, Hindi Translators, Kashmiri Translaotrs, Assamese translators, Oriya Translators, Punjabi Translators, Indonesian translators, Tagalog ... English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   DailyTranslate
  Native speakers only
Translation, Proofreading, Editing, Reviewing, TEP, Transcription, Transcription+Translation, Copy writing, Trans creation, Transliteration, Back Translation, Machine Translation, Localization, Quality Assurance, Subtitling, DTP, Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Automotive Translations, Financial Translations, Marketing Translations, IT Translations, Computers : Hardware&Software, CV, Licences, Diplomas, Certificates, Pharmaceutical Translations, Engineering Translations, Literary Translations, Mechanical Translations, Culinary Translations, Websites translation, Software Localization, Instruction Manuals Translation, Clinical Studies Translation, Governmental Translation, Multimedia Localization, Multilingual DTP, Document Translation, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dari, Estonian, Farsi, Filipino, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hiligaynon, Hindi, Hmong, Hungar ... English
Združeno kraljestvo
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Ashish Kumar Jaiswal
  Impeccable clarity in expression!
Hindi Translator, Hindi Copywriter, Hindi Linguist, Hindi Reviewer, Hindi Localization, Hindi Translation. Hindi Shree Lipi, Hindi Baraha Hindi Unicode, Hindi Kruti Dev, Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Advertising and Marketing Translation, Financial Translation, Safety Manuals, Employee Instruction Manuals, E-Learning Academic Content, Engineering, Banking, Insurance, Retail, IT, Technical, Software Localization and many more. ... Hindi/English
0 points
Hindi - English
Identity Verified   Mukund Rai
  A nice Blend of modern and traditional
TRANSLATOR, TRANSLATION, English TO Hindi TRANSLATION, Hindi TO English TRANSLATION, Hindi, BHOJPURI, SANSKRIT, INDIA, NATIVE Hindi, NATIVE English, LOCALIZATION, SOFTWARE, Software TRANSLATION, IT TRANSLATION, Mobile Strings TRANSLATION, Clients TRANSLATION, Online and Mobile Gaming Industry (including Poker and other Card Games) TRANSLATION, Financial- Forex/Banking/Insurance TRANSLATION, Website Localization, Marketing TRANSLATION, Ads TRANSLATION, Spiritual TRANSLATION, Historical TRANSLATION, Mythological TRANSLATION, E-Learning, Education, Children’s Literature TRANSLATION, Scientific Literature TRANSLATION, ... Hindi/English
0 points
Hindi - English
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